Is this not the most Ibiza message ever?

This is a comment just left on the Bar Anita post. I thought it was too good to go unnoticed.
If you are reading this Mannley, I will surely do my best to assist you as Ibiza
would not be Ibiza without people like you. Hopefully someone will see this post or my
tweets and you'll have an October trip to look forward to.
p.s. what have you been eating over the last fifty years to be left with
such an amazing memory for names???
Be sure to send another message and let me know where you will be performing.
I'm sure you would draw in a good crowd.

San Carlos Ibiza Annual Fiesta 2016

It's the San Carlos Ibiza annual fiesta now and for the next month with lots of music, entertainment and sporting events coming up. You can see the calendar of events here.
Recommended events include the Flower Power evening party on the 31st October, which promises a welcome alternative to ghosts and ghouls! On the 1st November, Day of San Carlos, there is the classic car show at 10.30pm, the Casa Pages traditional dancing at 12.30pm and a dance show by Eivi-Dance at 9pm. Salsa and Merengue dancers will enjoy Orquesta Erisalsa at 9pm on the 4th of November.