Ibiza International Piano Competition
San Carlos Ibiza

The Ibiza International Piano Competition, part of the Ibiza International Music Festival, is held every year in the entertainment room at the side of the church of San Carlos in Ibiza. The 2015 competition will run from August 30th until the September 3rd. 

Ashalak - shop in San Carlos Ibiza

Ashalak - San Carlos Ibiza

Ashalak is a boho chic Ibiza brand with a quirky little shop in San Carlos in Ibiza. Ashalak represents the free spirit of Ibiza with unique, alternative and colourful designs in clothing, footwear and accessories for people who like to be different.

Items you will find include boots, sandals, jackets, waistcoats, shorts, tunics, dresses, bags and other special pieces made in leather, fur and cotton. The speciality of Ashalak is the use of 
heavy embroidery on the clothing, bags and boots.

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Mobile: 686 30 31 80


Monday to Saturday
10am - 2pm
6pm to 10pm


Ashalak is located on the pedestrianised street up from the playground 
in the centre of the village.

There are shops in San Carlos Ibiza so allow half a day to explore 
and why not have lunch or dinner here too?

Natural Living Ibiza - health shop in San Carlos Ibiza

Natural Living Ibiza

Natural Living Ibiza is a shop in San Carlos in Ibiza offering a wide range of natural and eco-friendly products. The natural foods on offer include fruit and vegetables, freshly made juices and a range of delicatessen treats and staples. In addition to food are eco-friendly and organic cosmetics and lots of complimentary items to choose from making it a good option for gifts. Many items are Fair Trade or locally produced and home delivery is offered.

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 Healthy living Ibiza

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Natural Living Ibiza is situated on the La Caixa road opposite the car park 
and in the old Kamala Centre premises. 


Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 9pm

Saturday 10am to 2pm


Mobile: 650 643 726

San Carlos Music Festival, Ibiza, 2015

Don't forget, the best event of Ibiza is fast approaching.

The San Carlos Ibiza music festival is on the 21st of June, the International Day of Music.

This lovely event, which is organised by local people, has become so popular 
it now has its own website...here.

The music will include: reggae, rock, jazz and funk from...

Fletxa, Brand New Hippies,The Frigolos, Jahbless, David Aki Jahora, Tukdam, Muriel Grossman Quartet, Methead, Fletxa Negra, Lemon Emigrants, Miles Island, Max Ben, Calipso Steel Band, Flor Dhiguera, Rostro de la Meduza, Hot Ice, Azibi, Moxxx Ibiza, Coro Parroquial, A Tutiplen, Aiye, Paco Romero, Johann Sebastian Bass, Over Flow, Ibiza Creative, Sonora, My Genration, Bolliwood Ibiza, Punk Buddha Clown, Acid Filters & Friends, Amit Mishra, Podenco, Jet Lag, Devangari, Pessoas. 

There will also be Bollywood and Flamenco dance performances.

Over 150 musicians performing free of charge.
Five stages set up around the center of the village.
Lots of beautiful boutiques to browze around.
Street performers: jugglers, stilt walkers and clowns.
Plenty of (reasonably priced) eateries and bars to choose from.
Street sellers filling every gaps.
Kids' activities.
A lovely village green to play on.
The kids' playground to act silly in.

Bring plenty of cash because San Carlos has a lot to offer!

The festival is perfect for the whole family from its lunchtime beginning in the sun to its exciting early hours finish. The festival is a dancing-like-no-one's watching one so make sure you wear comfy shoes...no need to pose! Funny costumes would be much appreciated though as they add a lot of fun, especially for the children.

Best of all, it's free entry!

Everyone is invited...please come and enjoy the party with us.

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

Sa Tanca is a new shop in the centre of the village of San Carlos in Ibiza. It is situated 
on the pedestrianised street up from the pharmacist.

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza 

At Sa Tanca you will find ideas for your home decoration based primarily on vintage 
and industrial styles in wood, iron and metal.

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

Sa Tanca lamps, occasional furniture and decorative objects enhance any space 
evoking the old and current simultaneously.

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

One of the most special products at Sa Tanca is the selection of fine wines that perfectly accompany your table and gastronomic events . You can visit the website of the producer and philosophy at Rafa Bernabe. These natural wines will surprise you 
with their freshness and simplicity.

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

A line of ladies clothing promises simplicity, quality and comfort.

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

Sa Tanca is the perfect shop for special and original household items and gifts.

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza.

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

Sa Tanca - Shop in San Carlos, Ibiza

Passatge de les Oliveres, 10
San Carlos

Tel: 971 33 58 17

Mob: 665 903 895

En Sa Tanca encontrarás ideas para tu casa, basadas en la decoración Vintage e Industrial principalmente. Elementos en madera, hierro y metal son básicos.

Nuestras lamparas, muebles auxiliares y objetos decorativos realzarán cualquier espacio evocando lo antiguo y actual al mismo tiempo.

De igual manera, contamos con una linea de ropa para mujer, donde cabe destacar como características principales, la sencillez, calidad y comodidad.

Uno de nuestros productos mas preciados, es la selección de vinos naturales. Vinos que acompañarán a la perfección tu mesa y eventos gastronómicos. Podéis visitar la web del elaborador y conocerla filosofía de la bodega en rafabernabe.com   Vinos que os sorprenderán por su frescura, amabilidad y sencillez.

En definitiva, Sa Tanca ofrece una especial y original gama de artículos para el hogar y detalles de regalo, a tener en cuenta.

Visitanos en Passatge de Les Oliveres, 10