THE END: Lottie Bogotti, Cala Llenya Market, Ai Carai Ibiza

Lottie Bogotti has closed due to several cumulative reasons, including the tyrannical education system in Spain, born of EU law, that bans home schooling no matter what the child's special needs or in what setting the child is happy and thrives. Forcing Lottie into an unsuitable environment for seven years has been a torture for both of us to have to deal with and has benefited no-one. But our suffering has been enforced to satisfy the 'educational inclusivity' ideology of the EU. All children must be shoved through the same hole no matter what in the hope they turn out the same,
the system now being a conveyor belt
and our children mere factors of production: 
a slave race in the making.

The town hall's recent closure of the second hand market at Cala Llenya and promise to re-open it as yet another all-new tourist market has also played a hand in the decision. The rumour is that the town hall has decided second hand markets are for thieves who wish to sell off their
ill-gotten gains. Words cannot describe the sadness at this attitude, if true.

Do they also think Lottie Bogotti was a den of thieves?
The truth is, the market was the best thing about the island, offered the many cash-poor and often starving residents a rare opportunity to make some food money over the winter, was by far the happiest social event in Ibiza, offered ordinary people the chance to buy good things at low prices and enabled the recycling of massive volumes of otherwise discarded clothing and housewares. Sadly, what is created by the people and for the people and the things that bring joy to our lives seem to be enemy number one for the people in control. They don't care about you.

Doesn't the town hall realise that wearing brand new formaldehyde-dipped clothing made in China by slave-like people isn't everyone's badge of honour? Lottie Bogotti was routinely included in 'published top shops of Ibiza' lists, as seen here. A shock to some, I am sure. Thankfully, England isn't as prejudiced and happily hosts countless second hand shops, car boot sales, flea markets and antique fairs and wearing second hand and vintage clothing is seen as thrifty or eclectic. I, personally, rarely find clothing I like in normal shops, wish to create my own unique look, am totally unashamed of the origins of my wacky wardrobe and am pleased to know I help in reducing waste. For me and, now, for most people in Europe, wearing a mixture of new and second hand clothing is perfectly acceptable and it's about time Spain caught up. I'm hoping I will one day soon have good news to post to this blog: that the market has been re-started in its original format selling second hand goods with live music.
Home schooling is also widely practiced perfectly legally in Britain as well as most of the rest of Europe, excluding Germany where this EU law has also been enforced.
So, off we go back to Britain, which I now feel is the new 'Spain', the land of freedom. That's the thing about the British: they don't like being told what they can and cannot do.
Try and tell them 'No!' and they'll turn on their heels and go.
Sadly, Ibiza seems set to lose the creative individuals that have, for decades, made it famous.
Clearly, that's what is wanted, or is it the rebellious use of cash they don't like? Second hand cash-ridden markets for ordinary people cause a problem for the changeover to the looming cashless societyWhatever, conformity to the increasingly controlling system seems to be the future, a joyless era. It is a cruel twist in the Ibiza story that it presents itself as a beacon of liberty and creativity but is, in fact, reluctant to accommodate the people it thus attracts.
To all the people who showed their support by buying from me or by promoting Lottie Bogotti, thank you. Sadly, I had no idea how many devoted customers I had until I told people, during my last summer, I had sold the shop. I wish I had known. I have had people burst into tears and countless stunned silences. This is a bittersweet thing as it says something good came of me but also that I then took it away. I am so sorry to have had to do that and hope that someone sets up a second hand shop to provide what my cult following has said it will miss. 

When I started Lottie Bogotti, I made the conscious decision to keep my prices low and my business conscience intact. For example, in eleven years, I never quibbled about giving a refund. If someone bought something they later found to have a fault, I would ask them if they would like me to fix it, if they would like to pick out something else or if they would like their money back. I once handed over €20 for a refund on a pair of boots that had come apart to the friends of the woman who bought them despite remembering neither the woman nor the boots. What's €20 compared to the value of several customers? Another etiquette choice I made was to always endeavour to point out any faults, such as a repair or a mark. I would point these out on the price ticket and ask the customer if they had noted them: I never wanted anyone to end up disappointed. Perhaps the town hall will reflect on its assumption that people who handle second hand goods must surely be shoddy of character. It was, in fact, me who set up this very blog to promote, free-of-charge, almost every business in San Carlos - something no public office has ever done - and make videos to promote the village in general.
My earnings from my hundreds of hours of work totals about €2.
Another factor was the closing down of the hugely popular San Carlos Music Festival. I was told a vote was cast locally, but I was never asked to vote. Despite me not profiting from it, I would have voted for it to stay because it made me happy knowing my home was home to a free event that made a lot of other people happy. The village has lost a gem and the island has done itself a massive disservice to real musicians and the propagation of live music, a dying thing.
We will miss our beautiful shop, the San Carlos hive of friendly people, our collection of quirky customers, lending an ear to lonely people (of which there are many in Ibiza by the way) and putting smiles on people's faces. Our last summer was our happiest as we halved our prices and, eventually sold everything off for €2. It was a real treat to make so many people happy. Profit is just money at the end of the day, just the ability to buy something to make you happy. If you can cut your profit margin, you will get the happiness you long for and share it as you do. I used to leave a rail of discounted clothing outside for when I was closed. People could put the money in the post box on trust. Hardly anything was stolen and if it was I just thought to myself, 'They needed it.' Charity also came my way a few times due to kind and sometimes anonymous donations being left on our doorstep. One extremely kind lady left us big bags packed with designer goods having awoken with the belief she had to do it to help us. And she really did help us that summer!

I hope, on reading this post, people who may have been upset at the closure of Lottie Bogotti and resented our leaving will come to realise it was a move mostly forced upon us by EU law. (Be sure to know what you are supporting when you wave the blue flag....a rules and regulations machine based on Communist ideology. Us leaving is the EU in the flesh.) I have been deeply touched by the many people who have shown genuine concern for our plight and heartfelt
hope for our new life in England.
One promise we have made ourselves is to become musical and to become acquainted with old fashioned English cultural traditions to help keep them alive. The weeds have not fooled me into hating my own people or roots. It's going to be fun because a lot of English culture involves
acting the fool and no-one is going to try to stop us.
Wish us luck as you wave us goodbye,
Hannah and Lottie xx

(Sorry for upsetting all the 'love and light' people of Ibiza for speaking negatively. I just speak my mind whatever I may be thinking and feeling, as non-conformists often do: I chose not to adhere to the ideology of thwarted-positive only-thinking and political muteness as it tends to allow the weeds to take over. And, of course, it's the weeds that come up with these silencing tactics for the people who would otherwise be the most outspoken. Maybe some of you will once again find the voice you were born with and put some of your energy into making a difference to the reality we live in rather than focusing entirely on how great you feel, which is just another form of materialism. Maybe once I'm gone some new people will decide to open up and speak out as I did many times, often to a hostile reception, just as the true hippies of the 70s did. I once got screamed at by someone with radar hearing for uttering the word, 'crisis' during a private conversation at Las Dalias. Is this Ibiza or North Korea? Serious Thought Police. Another person of love and light was caught, red handed, throwing rocks at my chipped van having been offended by me pointing out the ludicrous Ascended Masters/Pleiadian/Ashtar Command videos many in Ibiza seem to get their guidance from (despite not knowing the sources...probably the weeds) are promoting genocide and the complete destruction of Western cultural civilisation as we know it. And woe betide the person who dares to suggest mass Muslim immigration into Christian and atheist Europe will have negative repercussions: a social pariah they will become!)

A photo album made to help us fondly remember our Ibiza life and our shop.

Lottie Bogotti, San Carlos Ibiza

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