Frogs in Ibiza

Frogs in Ibiza
How many frogs can you see in this photo?
These frogs, and many others, are in a little spring water stream that runs into a large water deposit in San Carlos in Ibiza. The water deposit has become a nature reserve as it has been left untouched and is now home to lots of frogs
and fish, and it attracts beautiful bright red dragon flies.

Ibiza nature

Campo Ibiza

 There are nine frogs in the first photo!

New Road in San Carlos Ibiza

New road San Carlos Ibiza
It's an exciting time for San Carlos in Ibiza as a new road is being built to bypass the centre of the village. It is hoped the huge coaches, lorries and constant stream of cars will avoid the centre of the village leaving it less noisy and safer for children with less exhaust fumes and maybe with more pedestrian areas.
Regular updates will be posted to report on the progress of the project.

Cala Boix, San Carlos, April

Cala Boix San Carlos Ibiza
Cala Boix is a medium sized beach in the vicinity of San Carlos in Ibiza and is noted for its tranquillity and unspoilt aspect. It has a remote feel to it as it is enclosed by high cliffs with no visible urbanisation. The sand is a beige-grey, making it unique to Ibiza, and very soft. There are some rocks to one end, making it a bit more interesting for crab-hunters, but the water is mostly very clear and clean with a very steady incline. It is reached by descending large steps, which is easy to do for moderately fit people. If you walk to the left side of the beach (facing the sea) and follow the rough path through the rocks you will find two small and probably deserted beaches with very clean sea.
Before the steps leading down to the beach you will find three restaurants noted for their fish and favoured by the Ibicencans. At the bottom of the steps is a small chiranguito (bar/café) with toilets at the back and lovely views at the front.
Please note that these photos were taken in early April so the beaches are less busy than they would be in the summer, making this time of year perfect for people who like beaches to feel wild and deserted.

Cala Boix Ibiza

Cala Boix Ibiza

Cala Boix Ibiza

Cala Boix beach

Beaches in San Carlos Ibiza

Cala Boix Ibiza

San Carlos beaches Ibiza

Cala Boix Ibiza

Ibiza Cala Boix
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