Traditional Folk Dancing (Ball Pages)
San Carlos, Ibiza

Traditional folk dancing, called 'ball pages', in San Carlos in Ibiza. This casual show was performed by residents of the village.

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Crayfish in San Carlos, Ibiza

This crayfish somehow made it to a tiny pool of fresh water near the pond in San Carlos in Ibiza. It was discovered while clearing out the pool, which had become clogged. What a surprise to see this lobster-looking creature crawling from the mound of removed mud,
especially considering the mud had been removed by hand?!

This crayfish looks like a Red Swamp Crayfish, so not an endangered species
like the European 'white claw' variety.

It is quite incredible how many creatures will appear as if out of nowhere when fresh water pools anywhere. It is a mystery how this crayfish got to the pool. Did it walk miles across the countryside to get to San Carlos? If so, how did it know there was a fresh water reserve here? If not, did it fall out of the sky? Was it created out of earth?

Crayfish, the freshwater equivalent of lobsters, can live 20-30 years, move their eyes independently of each other, eat their discarded skeletons, walk forwards
but swim backwards and grow back lost limbs. Apparently, they taste good too.